Hot Tamale!

Hot Tamale ©

I am going back to doing more works on watercolor paper as I have better control of colors than on Aquabord.

This was done a while back, but I always have loved all the conversations going on. Can’t you just see the tall figure on the right scolding the poor man with the beret. I have no idea what he has done, but she isn’t happy.  Also the green and yellow creatures seem to be having quite an intent discussion. Most fun to me are the 3rd and 4th creatures from the right. Usually my creatures are communicating to one another or listening, but these 2 are posing!

This is a 14″ by 11″ Ink and Watercolor framed in a hand made cherry frame.


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15 Responses to Hot Tamale!

  1. Lisa Jacques

    Beautiful work Susan!!- Lisa Jacques

  2. David Formanek

    looking forward to more

  3. Love all the rhythm and patterns here!

  4. Luciana Mariano

    Great crowd! So many stories… Lovely!

  5. You are having just too much fun. I find joy in your work.

  6. This piece is so festive and busy…….seems everyone is talking at once…..I love the details of the creatures…..are there some erotica going on too??

  7. sharonlee mclean

    Woo Hoo. I am thrilled for you. wow. So many people viewing your blog. You must be so proud. You probably worked really hard too. Congrats dear Susan.

  8. Cathy Frank

    Great Site, Susan. And I was here lefty of times before. Good luck for today

  9. As always your work makes me smile! Love it!

  10. I don’t know where your ideas come from–they are so fresh and unique. There is so much to look and it really takes some studying. Thanks for the commentary. Beautiful work as always!

  11. I just love the “trees” in this pinwheel forest! I’d definitely like to attend one of these conversation salons.

  12. Awesome! Makes me smile! Cocktail party feeling! Love it!

  13. I love the pinwheel trees, and I am wondering what the conversation is with the last two creatures. The one on the end seems a little sad… (even shaped like a teardrop)

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