Flowers Anyone?

I have been working up a series of funny bunny paintings that I can also use for repeating patterns. I’m fond of the two cats floating in the poppies and the Egyptian styled leaves on the lower right.

6″ x 6″ Ink and Watercolor on Aquabord $100.


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10 Responses to FLOWERS ANYONE?

  1. I love the way the blues and reds carry my eye across the page. So imaginative always!!!

  2. How fun! I love your colors, and the poppies are such a favorite of mine. Nice!

  3. Fay Terry

    Wonderful composition, love the big blue

  4. The bright colors and clean lines really appeal to my eye…and I love the little cats amid the red poppies!

  5. Love the big blue flower, and the teeny-weeny creatures in the corner!

  6. Wonderful happy piece perfect for spring (if it ever gets here!)…….

  7. Agreed! A Spring delight. I too love the cats in the corner.

  8. Susan Smith

    The wise bunny offers flowers. She is the Deva of Spring in Swing attire of the English breed. I had a black and white rabbit and the children named her rainbow!

  9. I love the ‘pop’ of periwinkle blue on the upper left and the repeated shapes and patterns of the Egyptian flowers in the lower left. The whimsy in this is wonderful.

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