Elephant Walk

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Sometimes I want there to be lots of interaction going on with my creatures but in this painting I decided to let the creatures speak for themselves.

Although my work  looks “childlike” to most eyes, I spend a long time on composition and work out color values on paper copies before I watercolor my painting.  I often do my work on aquaboard and varnish the finished work rather than use watercolor paper. I can go through 10 to 20 revisions of my drawing before I ever get to the inking stage.  Once I do ink in my paintings, I am using the old fashioned technique working with a crow quill pen dipped in indelible ink.  More on my process and intent in the next post.

Today I hope you enjoy the tamed wildness of sea anemones intersecting with jungle creatures and giant sized poppies.



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  1. Susan Smith

    I especially enjoy the poppies and the concave backs of the sloths echoing that form and again seen in the elephants trunk. The cadmium orange creates a fun well balanced colorful jungle of play. – Susan Smith

    • Captain Smith…so glad you noticed the sloths. I wanted them to be the subtle discovery in the painting so painted them close in value to the poppies. I had been tamer with my poppies but saw that being bold really identified then as the color burst in my recent paintings. Can’t wait to go to Europe where I expect to see major fields of poppies blooming along the train routes.

  2. I know how hard you work to get your work just right! I am in love with your poppies!

  3. Christine Dowd

    Love the monkey. Have you used monkeys before?

  4. For some reason the curves and patterns in the leaves and the critters make me think of the Mancini tune by the same name. Do you know it? Light, lyrical, jazzy, with odd little turns.

    • I sure do remember Hatari and was humming it as I made this painting. That you Regina. I should have added a link to the music to my post. Yes, I love the tumbles and flows and bounces and jiggles that go along with the music. My elephant is doing it and my sloths certainly can be given a push and giggle their way with the music.

  5. Wow, nice to read about your creative process! Kind of a labour! The result is beautiful Susan!

  6. Love the monkey and elephant……2 subjects I have yet to paint……
    Just curious……how long does it take you to finish a painting?

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