Jungle Glow and Giclee Give Away!

Jungle Glow © LOW res1

This seems the perfect painting to post for Easter morning. I continue with my Henri Rousseau jungle theme a la Medyn. I am really getting into creating new foliage. It seems like life presents us with patterns everywhere we look and I am noticing oriental rugs, flowers, furniture, building adornments, fabric, cloud patterns, Film Noir and just about everything I look at.

Here is a close up. I often find that  parts of my paintings make quite interesting works.JUNGLE GLOW CLOSE UP © LOW RES

I had been in Asheville for 10 days visiting my sister and while I did get some painting and drawing done, I also really enjoyed spending time at the Grove Park Inn, riding on the  steep mountain roads, and going to the fabulous galleries and shops in downtown Asheville. There is a tremendous arts and crafts community there. It would be easy to spend months there. The later part of my trip was affected by our mom becoming ill and spending 5 days in the hospital. My sister drove home to upstate New York and is with her now as are my children. Arranging services has been quit time consuming but I continue to paint and work at expanding this series of paintings.

I only need 7 more people to sign up for my blog for me to randomly pick the name of one of the last 20 followers and send a gicleé to the winner. If you haven’t signed up, now is a great time to do so.

This is an 8″ by 10″ Ink and watercolor on Aqua Board. This painting hasn’t been varnished yet, but I will get to that tomorrow. It will be framed in a maple shadow box. It is for sale for $ 500.



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  1. Donna Klaben Krzykowski

    Hi Susan, Do you remember me from high school? We were in Ski Club together. I’ve seen you comment on Facebook for one of my FB friends so thought I would look you up. What beautiful artwork you create. Your paintings are totally awesome. Hope this finds you well. I’m still in Syracuse, living next door to where I grew up. Take care.

    • Hi Donna,
      Yes I remember you. How nice of you to find me. I loved Ski Club. It was a great experience and I still have fond memories of the ski club trips. And you? Thank you so much for your kind comments. I have been painting for 36 years although I do have a significant day job. I committed to painting daily a few years ago and have kept to my promise. How nice that you are next door. How is your family?

  2. Karen Estey

    I always love looking over your paintings and finding my one, favorite, perfect detail.

  3. I love all the experimenting you have done with backgrounds and paper and more. It has been wonderful to see your art evolve as you do, as we all do. Sorry about the crisis with your mom and hope for good results. Thanks for sharing your art and your process!

  4. Margaret

    Hi Susan,
    orry to hear about your mom. I hope she feels better soon!


  5. Love this one Susan! Great patterns, and it’s so interesting to hear where you get inspiration for these! Patterns ARE every where! Love it!

  6. WOW…..this is a fabulous image…..just vibrant and colorful. Yes very Henri Rousasseau….

    BTW – I have you listed on my blog (see left column near bottom)…..

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