My friend Karen Raus of http://www.rausphotography.com/  has been using cradle board to do encaustics utilizing her photography and paintings. I was interested in working on a surface other than paper so ordered some cradle boards from good ole Jerry’s Artarama and this is my first finished one. I love some of the mottling I can get using this material and am now working on several more.

This is a small 5″ by 7″ painting that is sold.

I am looking forward to working with this new board and have some 2 inch deep ones that I am thinking of doing a fish series on.

This weekend we were at a  Memorial Service for a wonderful man and musician, Richard Lainhart. He has made some of the most incredible music and you can hear some of it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7NMc_FQdts and at other links on YouTube and on the web. Richard was such a kind and gentle man. His wife, Caroline Meyers, was filled with such calm and composure at the Memorial  that one was able to feel the serenity and love regarding the life of this man who left our world much too soon.

Another reminder to spend each day living and loving.


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  1. Oh, Susan, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. That he left behind beautiful music is, I’m sure, a comfort to his wife and all who knew him.

    I like this fresh, easy-to-hang painting! You will love cradled boards to work on, too! Fun, title, as always!

  2. Thanks Kelley,
    I have never been to such a serene Memorial Service. His wife Caroline really accentuated his wonderful contributions to and in the world, down to his amazing photography of hummingbirds and his willingness to help anyone. They went and photographed my show for me in Hoboken when I was too under the weather to get there this past summer.

  3. don

    A real delight to see the new work Susan. Thanks for sharing your new art and your connection to Richard. Musical friends are a joy for those of us who are blessed with such relationships.

  4. Thanks Don,
    I am doing the cradle boards thinking specifically of the spaces between tables at the Black Goose.
    I have several drawn. I am trying to get the right application of paint. Do you have any suggestion of whether I should use matte or gloss for fixative?
    And thanks for the comment on Richard….a man who was in college with David and I and briefly in a band with David and who for awhile lived in a loft across the roof from our loft. He won several international awards for his work, most recently transfering into music sounds of NYC.

    • don

      Susan – I do not use fixatives as such, in my applications. To start with, I use three layers of black gesso on top of Masonite boards and cradle art boards like you’re using now. Finished pieces receive a satin varnish. Hope this helps.

  5. sharonlee mclean

    OH Susan this looks just wonderful. So glad to hear from you. Wonderful work you have done here.

  6. I love the painting, Susan. But I’m not sure I understand the concept of the cradle board. Is there a link to an art site showing how to proceed?

  7. http://www.jerrysartarama.com/discount-art-supplies/paper/watercolor-paper-and-boards/ampersand-museum-series-aquabord/ampersand-aquabord-2-deep.htm

    This is a link to an aqua board also known as a cradle board. It is a product that provides a hard surface on which to watercolor and the surface can be on a frame that is fron3/4 inch deep to 2 inches deep. Thus one can hang the finished painting without framing.
    Thank you for your nice comment about my painting. I love your blog and read it daily….wonderful recipes!

  8. Oh they make them for oils. pastels, gouache, etc. Very interesting to give them a try.

  9. I like your critters and your neat compositions of critters and alien plants. Lovely line work and textures!

    I actually saw some of this aqua bord recently, and it seems like an interesting option. Also a little pricey!

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