New Work

Copper Glow   10″ by 8″ Mixed Media Framed   $125


Foxy 6″ by 6″ Mixed Media Framed in a black wood frame (same type  frame as in image below)  $100


Autumn Reeds  6″ by 6″ Mixed Media    $100


Sharked   12″ by 9″ Ink and Watercolor  $300     If interested contact me at susanmedyn(at)

It has been a busy autumn and winter. I have been painting but not posting as much as I would like. Today there is a blizzard in New England so I am working on a larger painting on aquabord. And as always I take commissions. Especially popular are requests for paintings to celebrate the birth of a new baby, sea creature paintings and wedding place cards.



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  1. Beautiful! I am so happy to see your work again!

  2. I love seeing you create these amazing abstract pieces for so many reasons. 1) they are so polar opposite of your whimsical creatures; they truly show the range of your talent. 2) they evoke so much emotion. 3) your technique continues to refine

    If I had not sent so much money to various beleaguered non-profit organizations, I snap up Autumn Reeds is a heartbeat. It is just gorgeous!

  3. Yes, there is a huge contrast between your abstract pieces and your watercolours. Or is there? There is in both, the horizontal, the vertical, the diagonal. And backdrops on which these interact. It is the story of existence, reduced to its essence. Replace these lines of force and energy with ‘critturs’ and you have added narratives, going from the universal to the personal. I like what you are doing here.

  4. So happy to see your work again Susan! Love these new pieces! All that copper goodness makes me realize it has been far too long since I have used that color. Have a super Valentines week 🙂

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