Cluster, nebula, abstract painting, abstract painting of outer spaceCluster   $50

Mixed Media   6″ x 6″

I have been looking at pictures of galaxies and space. I am enjoying the influence of seeing stellar images.


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5 Responses to Cluster

  1. Mike Dom

    This piece appears to be floating…very cool!

  2. love the deep rich colors in this one!

  3. Ah, this one is your best so far. You are getting vibrant colors and lively movement.

  4. I agree with Carol – this is one of the best so far…I love the way the light seems to break fhrough like the sun breaking through clouds, but in this case light up clouds from behind.

  5. Susan there is so much dimension in this. Seems to go on forever. I love the light breaking thru. Warming but not overpowering.

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