I  made this very royal looking ptarmigan who is wearing some very gorgeous feathers. This is another 8″ by 8″ Ink and Watercolor on aqua board, for sale for $150 . Sorry the photo is at an angle, but you get the idea!

And if you would like to learn about the ptarmigan you can click here. There are some fabulous photos online of the ptarmigan in Iceland and Alaska, but they are all copyrighted, thus I can’t show you the resemblance.


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  1. Teri

    You are amazing !!

  2. A what? An Alaskan ptarmigan? I will click on your link to learn about this beautiful bird. Or I am thinking a trip to Iceland might offer even more information. Your painting is truly charming!

  3. So lovely Susan, thanks for sharing the link too! My, don’t the babies have huge feet! I love all of your creative details!

  4. Luciana Mariano

    The feathers, the grace, the beauty…
    The only impossibility is the name! Pta…something!

  5. Fantastic! Another great work……love the textures and colors and off center banner too!

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