A Poppy For Your Thoughts, 5″ by 7″ Ink and Watercolor on Board by Susan Medyn

A Poppy for your thoughts. copy

When it’s cold outside it is nice to think of summer days when the poppies bloom and cats lounge in the sun.


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9 Responses to A Poppy For Your Thoughts, 5″ by 7″ Ink and Watercolor on Board by Susan Medyn

  1. beautifully creative and colorful! I love the poppies…warms me on this chilly morn!

  2. I love your poppies! Fun!

  3. These are just getting better and better! Especially love how the shapes of the critters nestle together yet are separated with fascinatingly designed negative space in between. This will keep your eyes busy and your heart happy forever!

  4. I have loved becoming familiar with your menagerie … they all have personality and are all unique. I would so love to know what they are discussing – the latest gossip, or just how beautiful the poppies are.

  5. Love the gorgeous colors in the negate space, too! And your poppies, well, you know I love them!!!

  6. Your style is changing…….something seems different……things are crisper and colors more open? Wonderful….nevertheless……

  7. Lovely little painting. Your pics are always so interesting and inventive.
    So how do you like the aquaboard? I don’t think I will go back to paper.

  8. shlee

    Ok. This painting is one of my fav’s. This painting has personal meaning for me. Just love it.
    Hope all is well with you dear Susan.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  9. jane

    A truly lovely watercolor, could easily picture this in a children’s book !

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