Work on Paper

Beary Good 6 1/2" x 8" Watercolor $100

Beary Good    6 1/2″ x 8″     Watercolor      $100


Hello Baby! 12″ x 9″ Ink and Watercolor on Arches 300 pound cold press $400 framed.

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk 5″ x 7″ Framed $100. To purchase contact susanmedyn(at)

Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls   Mixed media  12″ x 9″ on Aquabord.  $650 framed and shipped to you.Beautiful cherry flatter frame. ( Professionally framed)

Yes We Can Again!

Yes We Can Again! Ink and Watercolor, 12″ x 9″, $400 framed


Story Time © 12" x 9" Ink and Watercolor $400 framed or $300 unframed

Story Time © 12″ x 9″ Ink and Watercolor $400 framed or $300 unframed

Untitled, 2010, 9"x12", Ink and Watercolor, $600 framed

Jacob’s Coat, Juror’s Award, 9″x12″, Ink and Watercolor, Sold

Earthly Delights, 9"x12", 2009, Private Collection

Earthly Delights, 9″x12″, 2009, Private Collection

CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS, 14" x 10", $500 frameD

CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS, 14″ x 10″, $500 framed

Save The Date, 9"x12" Ink and Watercolor, $600

Spikers, 12″x9″ Ink and Watercolor, $400 framed


Snake Chamer, Ink and watercolor, 14″ x 11″, $600 framed

WAITING FOR POGO, 11" x 14" Gicleé, 2011, $50

WAITING FOR POGO, Ink and Watercolor, 12″ x 9″, $400 framed

DO YOU TAKE THIS CREATURE?, 9" x 12", 2011, Framed and unframed gicleés available matted to 11" by 14".

DO YOU TAKE THIS CREATURE?, Ink and Watercolor, 9″ x 12″, $400 Framed.


Happy Chappy2

Happy Chappy, Ink and Watercolor, 12″ x 9″, $400 framed

Alice's Dream © copy

Alice Dream, Ink and Watercolor, 14″ x 11″ , $500 framed

Quadrille lesssons©

Quadrille Lessons, Ink and Watercolor, 14″ x 11″, $500 framed

House Of Blues, 9″x12″, Ink and Watercolor, $400 framed

Negotions ©

 Negotiations, Ink and Watercolor, 2015 , $300 unframed, $400 framed

Got Lawsuit, Ink and Watercolor, 2011, $400 framed.

YOU DON’T SAY, Ink and Watercolor, 10″ x 7″, 2010, framed $250.


Do SAY “I DO”!, 10″X14″, $550 framed.

CLEOPATRA MAKES AN APPEARANCE,  10″x 7″, framed to 15 ” by 12″ $250

DUET  , 9″x12″, 2010, $400 framed


TRAIN DRAIN, 2010, 9″x12″, $400 framed



The Three Graces at the Ball, $300 framed in a maple frame.

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT if you are interested in purchasing any of the work you see here. I also have more paintings available if you would like to view other works. I would love to hear from you.

4 Responses to Work on Paper

  1. Lovely watercolors! Wonderful whimsical feel to them.

  2. April Hulse Lang

    Love your work! I was an elementary art teacher for 36 years and my own work was inspired by ther’e natural expression in various media. Having over 500 students a year was a great challenge to come up with lessons that could meet the skill levels of regular and special education students. Your paintings remind me of a lesson I did using construction paper and pens. Cut out organic shapes to glue randomly on the paper. Next lesson add details to turn the shapes into creatures and or plants or whatever they imagined. The results were varied and totally unpredictable

  3. Susan – thank you for commenting on my first painting for the 30 days. This website business is pretty new to me and I am trying to figure it all out. Your site is great and you definitely have found your own style. Your paintings are so happy and inspiring. I will look forward to seeing more of them. Mary

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