Beyond The Oort Cloud

Beyond the OORT CLOUD! copyBeyond The Oort Cloud

Ink and Watercolor

9″ x 12 ” framed $400

I was asked to make 2 painting for an invitational exhibit based on the book Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin for the Attleboro Arts Museum. This is one of the two created for the show. I enjoyed going slightly demonic in my drawings. This painting is on 300 pound cold press Arches watercolor paper and is framed in a maple frame.


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8 Responses to Beyond The Oort Cloud

  1. Christine Dowd

    So cute!

  2. Congratulations on being invited Susan, how excitiing 🙂 Love your cute, creepy, wacky, wonderful creatures 🙂

  3. Julia Selinger


  4. Fay Terry

    Wonderful, Susan! I especially love the lower left corner.

  5. How wonderful for you! And what and incredible idea for a show. Will LeGuin be there for the opening? I have met her and she is both charming and a joy to talk to.

  6. Yeah….glad to see new and more creatures! Fantastic variety too!

  7. Such harmonious colors! Lovely!

  8. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. Love this. Love the little naked humans. They look so vulnerable. But are they? Have to read Le Guin now. 🙂

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