Negotions ©NEGOTIATIONS   $300


Intense negotiations are occurring. Some important decisions need to be made.

At this point there is no clue as to whether they will reach an agreement.

Venus is on the half shell.


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7 Responses to Negotiations

  1. Luciana Mariano

    They are back! Love your creatures!

  2. Oh my, I am thrilled you have returned to whimsy! This is the Susan I know and the art I love. We all change though and I too have painted some abstracts and am taking an abstract workshop the last week of the month!

  3. A lovely symphony of movement and whimsy!

  4. Jeepers Creatures… they are baaack! Ha ha ha I for one hope you do not completely abandon your abstracts. I love both sides of your work 🙂

  5. Dear Susan, I love your paintings and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is my post:
    Best wishes, Mihaela!

  6. What are they negotiating, I wonder? To be (eaten) or not to be (eaten), is that the question? Or the price of the painting? Your abstracts are also negotiations – between colours and forms. There is no dichotomy between the two approaches, I think. 🙂

  7. Adorable menagerie…..straight out of a fantastic dream. This piece would make a nice tapestry!

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