Booby Hatch

Booby Hatch © SUSAN MEDYN

BOOBY HATCH $400 framed.

I love the little Dr. Suess like lady in pink in this painting. I think the character on the left with the hat could even qualify for a Suess like creature. One thing that the urban dictionary states is that the Booby Hatch was a hatch meant to keep a small sea-bird named the boobie from flying below deck. One type actually has beautiful blue feet~I must add them to one of my paintings!

Take this title however you like but it is breast cancer awareness month and I am donating 1/4 of  the proceeds of all October sales to

They are an amazing organization that provides support and information for women through all stages of breast cancer. I have met so many amazing women through them and want to give back for all they have given to me. Everyone deserves a fighting chance and has led so many women to seek life saving treatment  that they would not have known about except for this incredible site.


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8 Responses to Booby Hatch

  1. Oh yes, the lady in pink is a character with an attitude! How fun. I didn’t know what a bobby hatch was…hadn’t even thought to wonder about it! Thanks for your works with breast cancer. It is so necessary.

  2. This painting is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful work and an awesome cause!

  4. Wow……gorgeous neon colors…..happy image for a great cause!

  5. Absolutely charming, Susan!

  6. I love the blue swirly tree–at least I think that’s what it is. Your creatures are wonderful!

  7. Susan Smith

    The colors here are cheery enough to keep us all out of the “booby hatch”!

  8. The “booby hatch” is a term from my youth – brings back many memories…if you were bad or crazy they were going to send you to the “booby hatch!” Your “Booby Hatch” is so humorous and fascinating…I love the suggestion of “boobies” on some of the characters, love the composition with the blue tree in the middle and the Seuss-like characters. Most of all, as in most of your works, I love the interactions between the characters and the acceptance of “diverse!”

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