It is wonderful to see the clouds recede. One can see the sun, the sky and the reflections that occur as night begins. I wanted to make a painting that captured the beauty the setting sun.


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7 Responses to Gyre

  1. Fay Terry

    Well done, Susan, and VERY beautiful!

  2. Very interesting! I love the choice of colors and the brush strokes.

  3. Teri Bordenave

    You did indeed capture the beauty of the setting sun, Susan!

  4. Susan – this is wonderful…it has such depth, almost 3D, and I love the way you repeated the yellow curvalinear shapes in the lower right. Hope you are keeping warm.

  5. So wonderful Susan. Your depth is wonderful. I love the bits of bright sky that are peeking out 🙂

  6. I continue to be knocked out by this series—especially the diagonal compositions. Keep it up!

  7. Beautiful! Love the colors and composition…..really nice series!

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