MIXED MEDIA    6″ X 6″

“Cyprium aes” is the Latin root word for copper meaning Cyprus Metal. I would love to go to Cyprus and see the ancient site of Amathous which has an Apollo Temple. Amathus was founded around 1050BC. Pretty Cool.  Yes, I also want to see the Tomb of the Kings. Really, I want to see every site that is open there. On my bucket list.

I once worked with a child who was from Cyprus  at Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston, MA. The family taught me a number of recipes, one of which is for goat that we still love to make. I know, many of you will cringe at the thought of eating goat, but this is a most fabulous and easy recipe and I am going to share it.


2 pounds goat cut in chunks

1 pound feta cut in 1/2 inch cubes

1/2 cup Greek olives

Place all in a heavy paper bag (no writing on it)  or parchment (preferable). Tightly close and bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours.

And as for SNOW,  it has snowed 19 out of 23 days in snowy New England. We have a snow depth of 3 feet and an accumulation of about 70 inches so far in Rhode Island. Boston, MA is just a foot away from reaching its all time record having already received 95.7 inches of snow.  I have turned to ignoring the weather. It helps me stay cheery.


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  1. Love the light in this Susan 🙂 Wonderful, and the hints of blue are eye catching. I have never had goat, but that recipe does sound yummy. I had a roommate who had a pet goat. He was a hoot! Wishing you better weather 🙂

  2. Staying in Cyprus kept me sane for a few short weeks during a two year stint in Cairo, Egypt when my husband was professor at the American University. We ate lamb kabobs on the street every day, drooling until we got our serving. You must see Cyprus; just go!

  3. Interesting textures and color… looks metallic. Stay warm!!

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